Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

 HOWDY  YA'LL!!!!! 

 * Saw my first Armadillo on the ride down here, so I just HAD to post this photo!*

Ha ha! =) Just kidding! I havent traded in my 'iowa drawl' for a new Texas accent yet... I suppose it will eventually kick in, without me even knowing. Ill come back to Iowa for a visit and they will all be, "You talk funny" !! ha ha

   The ride down was long, I think it ended up being about 14 hours. But we made it down all safe and sound and I have gotten enough stuff situated that I can consider it 'home'.   

   Its been fairly cool out the past couple days, only getting into the 70's....... which is awesome. (Ssssshhh, dont tell the Texa'kins but the weather down here is in close relation to he**, in other words waaaaay to hot!!!) So Im def not complaining about 70's!

  OH!! And I cant forget to mention the two AMAZING 'personal' chefs I have!! Paige and George have been daily whipping me up the best of Texas home cooked meals... hard to miss home when your tummy is full of yum yummies!

  I apologize for lack of blogging topics but I havent been out about exploring much yet, just unpacking and getting settled. I'll have much more to share with ya'll when I do get out and about! (Did ya catch that 'ya'll' i slipped in there? ha ha Texas is growing on me already!)


Armadillos and Tumbleweeds <3

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