Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lets do some MIND YOGA

"Take a step back from life 2 assess your motives & intentions, as sometimes we can lose sight of our true goals in the hustle & bustle of day 2 day life! We can start to form bad habits that lead us in the wrong direction, or we can be influenced by others in moments of weakness.

Take time to ensure that you are truly happy inside, as suppressing your true feelings can cause hate cause inner conflict and confusion, which can lead to all sorts of bad conditions of health!

The more that you are positive & believe in your self the stronger you will become. A new habit will be formed and positivity will be your second nature. Follow your heart and try to implement changes just a little bit at a time, to form a new habit and then you can concentrate fully on the next little piece of change.

Bit by bit become the person you can be and soon your whole life will change.

A tree with shallow roots can be blown over by the wind but a mountain can not be moved!" -----------
Chris 'DJ Melody' Squibb  

   **** For those of you that don't know me, know me, I have a very short attention span. Far from ADD but I get bored easily, don't enjoy just sitting around and 'down time' usually doesn't get put on my to-do list.  So after I got my things set up in my new home (which only took a couple days), I was lost. I had nothing to do. I found a few things here and there, some outside work, nit-pick cleaning here and there etc. But for the most part I was bored out of my mind, and its only been about a week and half!! I was the type of bored where my brain had turned to mush, I mean truly a BLAH state of mind!!   

  My schooling doesnt start up til January and I thought there is no way, NO WAY I can just 'chill' til then. NO WAY!!! So I went on a mission today. Got up, showered, dressed myself up and went out, with one goal in come home with either,,

A.) A job


B.) A bazillion job applications

 Well folks, nothing is final yet so Im not going to go dropping names, BUT I am super, duper excited because I found a place that is like HEAVEN to me!! AND after talking to the manager, Im pretty sure I have made a connection that will get me the job! YAY!! 

 So to sum everything up.................

  Get out there, "grab the bull by the horns"! Dont let life, a change of pace, new surrounds, etc. get you down. DONT forget your goals. And dont settle, you CAN have what you want!!  

(( P.S. I will keep you all posted about my 'new job' !! ))

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Don't Mess With Texas

 HOWDY  YA'LL!!!!! 

 * Saw my first Armadillo on the ride down here, so I just HAD to post this photo!*

Ha ha! =) Just kidding! I havent traded in my 'iowa drawl' for a new Texas accent yet... I suppose it will eventually kick in, without me even knowing. Ill come back to Iowa for a visit and they will all be, "You talk funny" !! ha ha

   The ride down was long, I think it ended up being about 14 hours. But we made it down all safe and sound and I have gotten enough stuff situated that I can consider it 'home'.   

   Its been fairly cool out the past couple days, only getting into the 70's....... which is awesome. (Ssssshhh, dont tell the Texa'kins but the weather down here is in close relation to he**, in other words waaaaay to hot!!!) So Im def not complaining about 70's!

  OH!! And I cant forget to mention the two AMAZING 'personal' chefs I have!! Paige and George have been daily whipping me up the best of Texas home cooked meals... hard to miss home when your tummy is full of yum yummies!

  I apologize for lack of blogging topics but I havent been out about exploring much yet, just unpacking and getting settled. I'll have much more to share with ya'll when I do get out and about! (Did ya catch that 'ya'll' i slipped in there? ha ha Texas is growing on me already!)


Armadillos and Tumbleweeds <3

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You'll want to read this!!

 A friend of mine posted this blog today, I would like you all to take a few minutes and read it.....

  It is inspiring and beautiful and brightened my day, I hope it does the same for all of you!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Believe it, or Not!

 Thats right ladies and gentlemen, Im talking about Ripleys Believe it or not museum! I went to one while down in Branson, not what I expected at all and honestly alittle disappointing. Never the less there were some very interesting things in there!

   Like the Ship made from cloves!

                                                        Vampire Slaying kit anyone? ^^^^^^^^^^^^

 Here is my lil brother modeling the 'car of the future' ...pretty snazzy huh?!

 Donna Reeds every where are wishing right now that they had on of THESE vaccum cleaners! Strong enough to suck up any size of dust bunny!

 Mental note, the Jivaro indians arent very friendly, they shrink their enemies heads!

      I dont think this is one of the famous California happy cows........

 This is def on the believe 'NOT' list!! Apparently Ripley found a taxidermist that was selling these fur covered trout....making big bucks off of them too! This is most def false though, its rabbit fur glued to the fish, but that really didnt need explaining now did it..

                                                                           Downward men!

Tallest man ever recorded made me feel....... very short...ha ha!

 I thought this was really cool, this was painted onto a sunflower seed! I had my camera zoomed all the way in and used their magnifying glass to capture this shot

And last but not least, Me next to the giant ball of yarn!! 

That concludes your virtual tour of Ripley's believe it or not museum, Hope you all were wowed and amazed!  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lions and Tigers and BEARS, Oh my!

Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to Bear!

  Bear is the latest addition to my family (by two days) and already has me wrapped around his lil paw! Bear is a stray. He showed up a couple weeks ago at my friend's farm and never left. His beautiful golden curls were matted and caked with mud. His paws were so filthy and muddy they looked twice as big as you see in the picture. He was skiddish and wouldn't let anyone get close enough to touch him. He would coward along the ground, wagging his tail for attention but just would not trust anybody enough to give it to him.  I have a weakness for furry things that go 'Woof'! And decided the moment I laid eyes on his fluffy little face, that he was going to be a Texas dog! It took quiet a bit of coaxing and me laying on my stomach for 15 minutes before I could even touch the tip of his nose with my finger tips. 
       Never doubt the effects of lots of love, and ramen noodles to a dog!  Now two days later Bear has been completely transformed and shows his gratitude by following me every where and looking at me with big adorable brown, puppy dog eyes. I couldnt have asked for a better going away present!

Some Times I Just Wanna Growl!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!     She's back from the dead!!!   ha ha!

For the past two weeks I've been dealing with a internet connection that is FAAAAR less than ideal!  I had written some blogs while on vacation and posted them, or so I thought. Turns out, due to my shotty connection down in the Ozarks they never posted. The sad part about this is, is they were never saved either. GRRRR! 
   So now I have a ga-zillion blogs floating around in my head, along with pictures to post and where as I am now able to blog, it appears the storm outside is going to put another hold on my picture uploading. 

    Say it with me now everyone.........GRRRRRR!!!

 Have faith though people, I eventually will be able to upload pics and type all the words buzzing around in my head into blogs! Stay tuned and hope you all are having better internet luck than i am! <3 <3

Lipstick Covered Heart

1:30am = blog typing time in Rebecca's world!
1:30am also = nail polish drying time ha ha =)

In 3 and a half short hours I will be on my way to a 5 day vacation, alittle R&R from all the packing and craziness that goes with moving your life to a different state! I think its funny (in a very not so funny way!) , how I always manage to lose things when I need them the most! I was packing my things I wanted to take on vacation this afternoon, and as Im organizing my makeup bag I realize something. My brand new, and completely new favorite lipstick is missing. Hmm. I search every where for my lil stick of perfectness and cannot find it, literally no where to be found. This lipstick is so amazing it must have sprouted legs and ran away from me! Im starting to get frantic. I really, I mean REALLY wanted this lipstick for my trip, and if I couldn't find it would be S.O.L for lack of time to get to Sephora to get another. (BTW ladies its 'Centerfold' by Too Faced). Honestly, I got very worked up and upset about not being able to find my lipstick. Mildly pathetic I know, but its been a long week, cut me some slack! ha ha Anywhose, now to the point of my story...............

My boyfriend left for town to return some movies later that aftern
oon..............and when he
returned my amazing,
AMAZING!!!!! boyfriend presented
me with a new, boyfriend-in-the-makeup-aisle picked lipstick! No, it wasn't my Too faced, but the color was so close to matching I couldn't have done better myself. Bless his heart he must have standed there for 20 minutes trying to figure out which shade of pinky-nude it was! Ugh, I was so shocked and surprised by his devoted sweetness I actually started crying. :'-) *sniff* !! I am truly blessed to have him in my life !

Well I better get some sleep before my 5am wake up call!

****Wishing you all sweet dreams!

When Your Life 'Tunnel' Seems Dark

"Our life experiences will only become problems if you decide to interpret them as such. Life is an on going challenge and everyday is another chance for us to progress ourselves, which in turn makes us stronger and wiser"

^^ These words came from a email i received weeks ago. A email i never got the chance to read......until today. It still amazes me how life gives you 'signs' and finds ways to encourage you when you need it the most.
Ive been finding the closer it gets to the time i am moving to Texas, the harder it is to leave Iowa. My family is here. My friends are here. I was born and raised here. Ive been second-guessing my decision to move. Wondering if it truly is the best thing for me. In a desperate attempt to get my mind off of it at 1:00am, i started reading my emails. Thats when i came across the statement above. And i realized, yes, this move WILL be hard. Yes, i WILL miss everybody back home like crazy. And yes, i have a horrible case of 'leaving the nest' syndrome.
But i also realized it is something i need to do. It is in my best interest. And it will bring great things for me.
Sometimes you just have to take that leap. No matter how scary. No matter what 'Negative Nancy' keeps whispering in your ear. Find the words to encourage yourself to take that leap and fly, because your wings are more beautiful than you could imagine.