Monday, February 7, 2011

The 100 thing challenge

 I was recently encouraged to read a article by a blog writer that I follow. The article is called  'the 100 thing challenge'. (Google it, it will come right up). The premise of this idea is to declutter and simplify your life. To get rid of unnecessary excess and to help you realize, through the process of choosing, what is important to you when it comes to belongings.

    With it being a New year I thought, why not?! So I am going to be giving it a go. I will select 100 of my personal belongings and box up the rest. (For all the 'rules' on this challenge see article). Now, after two weeks of having over half my things boxed, I will determine if I chose 'wrongly' and boxed something that was more important to me than I thought. The things that I could easily live without, depending on what they are, will either be sold or donated. 

  After I have chosen the things to keep, I will blog my list....A.) for personal documentation and B.) For those of you that are curious as to what is important to me! =p ha ha

  If you are up for the challenge, I encourage you all to try it with me.....after all you lose nothing, at the end of two weeks (or longer if you so choose) you can decide whether to permanently get rid of the things or put them back in your life.......nothing to lose, except maybe clutter!

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