Sunday, February 6, 2011

Grunge'ify Me!!

Above is a photo I took of myself yesterday after spending a whopping 5 minutes on my hair. I am and have always been a fan of the messy, rocker girl,I- hardly-care enough-to-spend-10 minutes-on-my-hair hairstyles. Some people call it the lazy look. I call it care free and playful. Some people call it lack of talent in the hair styling department (and in my case this is actually kinda true lol).....but finally my way of hair styling is being recognized with a name, other than lazy and is now being called


I couldn't love the name more!!  To me, this way of styling your hair says effortlessly sexy. It says I'm laid back and wont be two hours late for our date because my hair wouldnt 'work'! Sure, I like other hairstyles, sleek strands, elegant up-dos.....but not on me. Ive had my hair done professionally on several different occasions and every time I hated was way to perfect. Perfect curls, no fly-a-ways. Enough hairspray to get me through a tornado with still perfect hair. Ugh.....tooooo much 'perfectness' for my taste! I love messy curls, 'beach hair', faux-hawks, crazy loose up-dos, and straight hair teased to the point of almost looking emo!

   I will admit, I DONT like spending alot of time doing my hair....actually, its one of my most least favorite things to do when getting ready. Lack of talent or lack of interest, I dont know and I dont care....messy styles (er, i mean grunge glam!) are easy and I love how they look so why mess with a good thing?!

Grunge-Glam styles are great for when your short on time too, like I was yesterday morning getting ready at the hotel. Because the messy styles hold better when your hair has mild build up of oils a.k.a 'dirty!' dont have to worry about washing, drying and applying product before you start styling. For my messy up-dos my main weapon is bobby-pins. For my messy 'down' do's.....a teasing comb and some hairspray.

    These looks arent for everyone, and yes, some will think "Wow...did they even look in the mirror?!"  But remember, the mirror reflects YOU (and what you like), not them and their opinions!  So rock it, and go grunge'ify yourself!

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