Tuesday, February 8, 2011

EveryDay Mineral Make-up Review

 I recently had been looking into getting some mineral makeup for two reasons.

Reason 1.) Summer is coming up, and with the heat down here in Texas, it is next to impossible for me to keep liquid foundation on. Plus, I believe lighter in summer is better!

Reason 2.) In my own personal experience, powder/mineral makeup is faster and easier to apply. So it comes in handy when your in a time crunch.


  I started researching different brands and came across a line called Everyday Minerals.  The line is vegan, which I love and inexpensive. I read alot of good reviews about it, hardly any negative so I decided to give it a try.
  I have been using EveryDay Minerals now for about a month and here is what I discovered : : : : :

*The foundation, blush AND eye shadows blend very well and make your skin feel like satin.

*I ordered just the mini-travel size of eye shadows since I didnt know if I would like them or not. They came in these lil tubes with a roller-ball applicator top!! I thought this was the most ingenious invention ever! When I went to apply though, it was another story! It doesnt make application impossible, but theres definitely a trick to it.

*All of the eyeshadows I got, minus two (the purple and black), were either labeled as 'shimmer' or 'pearl'.  They were way to shimmery for my taste. The only one though that I would consider over board in shimmer would be the one named 'in the garden'. I love the shade of it however when applied, its down right glitter.  I will be buying matte shadows next time I purchase. The thing I did like about all the shadows though, is that they were all very sheer.....you would have to work at it to 'over apply'. I like my eyeshadow to blend in and be more on the sheer side so this was a big plus for me!

* I also purchased one of their color correction concealers (in Sunlight.) This I also got in the travel size with the roller ball. This concealer works great for any red spots on the face, however it did NOT work for my dark circles at all. I have very dark circles normally though so maybe a different concealer color might work better......I just know this one was too light.

*The foundations are fantastic, couldnt be more pleased with me. Great coverage. Great color match. I have not gotten any break outs or irritation since I started use at all. I bought the tan collection (in sample sizes). Two of the shades are too dark for me right now (Ive been using them for contouring), but once summer rolls around and I get more of a tan they will work great. The shade I use right now for all over is called 'buttered tan', matches my skin tone flawlessly.  They offer the foundation in 4 finishes. Original glo base. Semi matte base. Matte base. and Intensive base.  The ones I received were a mixture of all of them. I like them all equally. I noticed a slight shimmer to the original glo base while it was in the container but once on, I couldnt see the difference.

* The three blushes I bought were : 'Time share' (matte) 'All smiles' (shimmer) and 'Snuggle' (Sheen).  My favorite of these is time share....partly because of the shade and how it looks on my skin and partly because the others make my cheeks look like little glitter balls! Will be ordering matte only when I make my next purchase!

*My FAVORITE thing that I bought from EveryDay minerals was lipstick. I cannot say enough good things about it. The color I got was called 'Enough talk, kiss me'. It matchs my natural lip color enough that I can wear it everyday without feeling over done. Its silky and adds a nice gloss like effect to the lips. mmmmmmmmmmmmm love this lipstick!!!

   In closing, I really dont have anything bad to say about this product line. I was very pleased with the results and will be ordering again!

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