Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter Weather Musts!

 Being back in Iowa this past week, with all the snow and freezing cold winds, I was reminded of the WINTER BEAUTY MUST HAVES and how important it is to have proper winter attire! Here is my personally recommended list.....spent 20 years in Iowa winter weather to perfect this list, so if you find yourself in snow or colder weather, you just might be thankful you read this blog!

Lansinoh nipple cream! I highly recommend this as a 'chapstick'. Its 100% safe to use on your lips and can be found at Target or Walgreens for next to nothing! I have always had extremely dry lips and honestly this is the only thing that works to sooth them! I use this year round though, not just in winter, but its thick and stays on forever, which is why its a 'winter' recommendation.

The Bee Bar is what I use to moisturize my skin. It smells great, works wonders for smoothing rough, dry skin, and the best part? Its 100% beeswax, which means bacteria cant live on it! Its one of the most recommended lotions by Doctors because of how sanitary it is. The one down fall is it is alittle greasy. They now offer a a thick cream lotion though that may be more to your liking.

Below is two pictures, under armour shirt and under armour pants. If you are going some where cold and snowy, I insist, INSIST you invest in these, you wont be sorry! I have at least 4 pairs of each, and they are worth every penny!

The number one important thing to have in winter weather is a uber warm coat! I own a Pacific Trail jacket, shown at left. Have had this jacket for years and its still in excellent shape, and its not from lack of use, trust me! These jackets are well made and so warm, I cant even tell you! You will forget its even cold outside when wearing this bad boy.

If all else fails in braving the cold, its wise to have a back up plan. Like a wonderful individual cup coffee maker waiting for you inside! I got this machine of heaven for Christmas and I completely heart it! It not only makes the most amazing cup of coffee youll ever have! But makes tea and hot chocolate as well! Theres tons of coffee brands to choose from, along with butt loads of different flavors to try!

    Hope this helps you all stay warm and beautiful during the winter months!

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