Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lions and Tigers and BEARS, Oh my!

Everybody, I'd like to introduce you to Bear!

  Bear is the latest addition to my family (by two days) and already has me wrapped around his lil paw! Bear is a stray. He showed up a couple weeks ago at my friend's farm and never left. His beautiful golden curls were matted and caked with mud. His paws were so filthy and muddy they looked twice as big as you see in the picture. He was skiddish and wouldn't let anyone get close enough to touch him. He would coward along the ground, wagging his tail for attention but just would not trust anybody enough to give it to him.  I have a weakness for furry things that go 'Woof'! And decided the moment I laid eyes on his fluffy little face, that he was going to be a Texas dog! It took quiet a bit of coaxing and me laying on my stomach for 15 minutes before I could even touch the tip of his nose with my finger tips. 
       Never doubt the effects of lots of love, and ramen noodles to a dog!  Now two days later Bear has been completely transformed and shows his gratitude by following me every where and looking at me with big adorable brown, puppy dog eyes. I couldnt have asked for a better going away present!

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