Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lipstick Covered Heart

1:30am = blog typing time in Rebecca's world!
1:30am also = nail polish drying time ha ha =)

In 3 and a half short hours I will be on my way to a 5 day vacation, alittle R&R from all the packing and craziness that goes with moving your life to a different state! I think its funny (in a very not so funny way!) , how I always manage to lose things when I need them the most! I was packing my things I wanted to take on vacation this afternoon, and as Im organizing my makeup bag I realize something. My brand new, and completely new favorite lipstick is missing. Hmm. I search every where for my lil stick of perfectness and cannot find it, literally no where to be found. This lipstick is so amazing it must have sprouted legs and ran away from me! Im starting to get frantic. I really, I mean REALLY wanted this lipstick for my trip, and if I couldn't find it would be S.O.L for lack of time to get to Sephora to get another. (BTW ladies its 'Centerfold' by Too Faced). Honestly, I got very worked up and upset about not being able to find my lipstick. Mildly pathetic I know, but its been a long week, cut me some slack! ha ha Anywhose, now to the point of my story...............

My boyfriend left for town to return some movies later that aftern
oon..............and when he
returned my amazing,
AMAZING!!!!! boyfriend presented
me with a new, boyfriend-in-the-makeup-aisle picked lipstick! No, it wasn't my Too faced, but the color was so close to matching I couldn't have done better myself. Bless his heart he must have standed there for 20 minutes trying to figure out which shade of pinky-nude it was! Ugh, I was so shocked and surprised by his devoted sweetness I actually started crying. :'-) *sniff* !! I am truly blessed to have him in my life !

Well I better get some sleep before my 5am wake up call!

****Wishing you all sweet dreams!

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